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Why Triund Trek is a perfect pick for your first solo?

Dear Reader,

Before starting with Why Triund Trek, let's start with Why Solo?

I hope while reading this you might also find your reservoir of courage to undertake a trip alone.

I had taken a local bus from Amritsar, fully crowded with sweaty people, noisy kids, kids with running noses, and Pappad-selling humans asking every other person for a change. I will give the reasoning for this later. But yeah, this is how the top-most thing on my bucket list began with. From Pathankot, you gotta change the bus if you miss the direct bus to Dharamshala. To the women readers, do not take this evening bus otherwise you'll have to travel alone on the bus at night. Yes alone, if you exclude the driver and conductor.

The start of the trip was quite a bumpy ride. Here comes the "in my defense part". I thought of this trip a night before, searched for the buses in the morning and COVID restrictions made my life easier by leaving me with fewer options. That explains the risky night journey. I had imagined a solo countless times, but I am sure every traveler must have had butterflies in their stomach before their first one. I got my push from the trash in my head that needed to be disposed of and it did help!! Anyway, Let's get back on the trail. I reached Dharamshala from Pathankot in 3 hours or so and took a cab to McLeodGanj. I already had my bookings in Zostel - McLeodGanj, it is quite a lively place with happening people.

Well, I was killing the vibe of the place. At least, that’s what I felt while sitting in a corner with a bowl. A cheerful tap from behind asked me to join a group of around 10 people. This is challenge number 2, I can't talk to new people. Everyone is narrating the toads of crazy experiences and trips and I felt like Naina from YJHD who doesn't know how to have fun. The sad part, no Bunny here. I made my way and started with my all-time question - So where are you from? Trust me, it will always save your ass!!

And it actually did!! I met two really sweet to-be-doctors and a fun-filled breezy soul and the next morning I am planning my trek and camping with them. We started our trek from Gallu and headed straight for Triund top. Oh!! A fun part, we got our camping, dinner, breakfast as well as bonfire all covered in 800 per person. Crazy isn't it?

I found the Triund trek doable, unlike Kheerganga where you'll find long trails, here the trek is steep in between and has a rocky trail. It could be quite challenging if you take too many breaks, the trick is to JUST KEEP WALKING

We reached the campsite in 5.5 hours and camped for the night. I didn't find the starry night, but this time I did not miss the first light either (the opposite happened in Kheerganga, read all about the night view of Kheerganga here). But I must say, it was breathtaking to see the sun getting bigger from the mountains and the snow was shimmering. Here comes the WHY part, Why Triund? I found it as a complete package of grassland, mountains, snow-view, windy top. Basically, you'll get ample space to sit back, relax and reflect.

We slided down within 2 hours and fed ourselves at the famous - Shiva Café. Although, it has been a disappointment for me every time since the nearby fall was always dry. But, You still get to stretch your legs here. Back in McLeodganj, I visited two cafes, both of which are a must-visit. Moonlight café and Illiterati café. There is one more unusual view in here, the Flag point.

I made two rules on the trip, minimum usage of phone and all the decisions will be mine. And I am glad I made them up. It is one thing to breathe and it is another thing to breathe in the fresh air, that makes you feel light and HAPPY. I was walking on this trail to catch Jeep back to Dharamshala, and this particular path was magical to walk on. It was covered with tall Deodar on both sides and sun taking a sneak-peak. Probably, I felt that way because of the people who allow you to take shelter (save your life to be precise) if a clan of monkeys is after you. WEIRD Story, not even gonna write it.

I reached Dharamshala, met my friends there, and went to two places. One is quite obvious- the stadium. But this other thing just completed my trip.

Norbulingka Monastery. If there is a word to describe this place, it's serenity. It is so beautifully green with silence- cutting birds cooing around you and faces with exemplary content. In short, this place is an instant love. I loved how they have built a small place to collect souvenirs. A heads-up, it's difficult to tame your wallet here. Not even exaggerating, but if I ever go back to Dharamshala, it won't be because of Triund top, but this!!

A little secret, they also let you STAY :0

You are a blessed child if your parents love traveling. I am one and have been to a lot many places. But the feeling of traveling alone beats them all. I will agree, it gives you confidence, makes you realize new experiences, meets beautiful souls, changes perspective and all, but according to me, it makes us enjoy one thing that we fear the most, UNCERTAINTY!!



Check out all the photos from my travel on SNAPSHOTS.


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Nandu R
Nandu R
Mar 10, 2022

Waiting for your next solo adventure!


Aug 30, 2021

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