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Hi! I’m Sukankshi..

It's hard for me to talk, writing works better for me!!

To begin with, I have just kickstarted my career as a Product Manager. I have a hint of a Software Engineer in me. I am also a Marketer, graduated from an IIM. Yes, I hold that tag!!

I am an ordinary face but I try to make my life interesting in my own ways. I love traveling and making unforgettable memories out of it. You'll always see me equipped with a book, if I can put it in a subtle way then I cannot sleep without a book by my side. Sometimes, when I am overwhelmed I scribble words and make poems out of them. 
Other than that, I am not that into sports but can play badminton for hours straight. Oooo!! One more thing, I am really into anime. I can watch it anytime!!

Well!! If you talk to me every day, you'll probably feel that there is nothing in particular interesting about my life. Just like most of the Indian youngsters, I have spent almost 10 years of my life chasing my career, have been through the troughs of competitive exams, and worried myself to death with the inferiority complex and FOMO. My teenage life could be well summarized by the walls of my room in Kota which have once been filled with periodic table and formulae. From then to the present, it has been a roller-coaster ride and I have honed myself at each step.

And one more thing, I don't believe in making my life "look" good on social media. It is simple, normal and yet interesting in unimaginable ways. When you read every letter, I intend you to connect it with something that has been for long, latched inside you.

Welcome to Letters By Jo!!

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