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Who is Jo afterall?

Jo is a tameless person who believes in fulfilling wishes despite the opposite tides. S/he is a person who is still discovering the meaning of happiness in this world. It can be found in places, books, with unknown people or who knows, maybe in love as well.

Well in my mind, Jo is someone who explores the world, listens to unworldly stories, and gives them wind. My Jo is an observer who may not talk a lot but she listens well. 

Deep down we all are looking for a Jo in ourselves. And that's why this Jo could be me and it could be you as well!!

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” I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I have been.”

 ― Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne


Hi, I’m Sukankshi...

I am passionate about sharing thoughts, and every experience that could help us live the same in a better way.

Welcome to Letters By Jo. By now, you must have known that I write about the places I have explored, people I have met, things that inspire me. But overall, this blog is all about things/places I observe. Not that I have Sharingan eyes or something, but I really enjoy understanding people, their culture, and certainly their behavior. The stories I write may have been experienced by me or by someone else. And hence, can be weighed on the same scale as truth.
You should definitely Read More to know me better!!

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

I am Reachable!!

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