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9 Things to do in Goa

Dear Travellers,

I talked to a lot of people before experiencing 'THE' Goa Trip first-hand. Funny that for each person it has been unique and common in its own way. Most of my friends only remember their daytime experiences and the rest of the stories are narrated by their friends. I have listed all the places from my itinerary to make your trip smooth.

You may read about my thrilling experience here....

What all to do to make Goa mind-blowing?

South Goa

  1. Beaches in South Goa are much cleaner, peaceful, and have mesmerizing scenic beauty. You can visit Palolem, Cavelossim, Colva. You should try staying at a beach resort that makes your morning exceptionally serene.

  2. If you are not running low on budget, you can book your stay with The Leela and enjoy Mobor beach. Very little area of this beach is accessible to the public, which makes it less crowded.

  3. Silent parties in Goa are a must-attend headphones party. The place looks really dull from outside, but once you put on headphones, you'll find your body catching up with the beats. There are 3 DJs which run their own party on 3 separate channels. So you can have the best of three worlds!!

North Goa

  1. To start with beaches in North Goa, Calangute beach, Candolim beach, and Baga beach are the most famous ones. Arambol beach has recently gained a lot of traction, so I won't add it to the list of secluded beaches anymore.

  2. After getting all tired from the beach, you can go for enjoying the nightlife. You should definitely check out Thalassa ( 12.5 km from Calangute), LPK (1.7 km from Candolim), Tito's Bar, and Club Cubana. These clubs will give you the real feels of Goa, though my personal favorite has been Thalassa.

  3. Other than beaches and parties, Goa has some of the wildest casinos. You can roll the dice and play your luck.

  4. Apart from that, you can enjoy the roads of Goa on a scooty ride. The roads are quite narrow, so it takes time to reach by car which makes two-wheelers a preferential mode of transport.

  5. If you are a sightseeing person, Goa has splendid cultural places to offer. Churches in Goa are quite old and yet so beautiful, one after the other. You can enjoy exquisite paintings inside and sometimes even fairs held on specific days. You will find the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Our Lady of Immaculate conception undoubtedly astonishing.

  6. And at last, shoppinnnggg!!! Near every beach, you'll find a lot of flea markets and small shops which can increase your luggage. Streets are full of beach clothes, dresses, and bathing suits at a lot cheaper prices. They also have a very nice collection of good oxidised jewelry. So, don't miss out on browsing them.

Big question!! Where to Stay?

Here comes the part which sometimes takes the maximum of your budget. For solo travelers, Zostel is the most economical choice. You can make a lot of new friends here and enjoy the most of your trip. But, for people traveling in a group, I have two recommendations:

  1. Do stay at the beach for at least one night. The morning is bliss!! I stayed at Palolem Beach in wooden cabins. The recently built resorts would be in better condition comparatively, so even the room-service and breakfast isn't good, you'll find a queue of restaurants on the beach to choose from.

  2. Airbnb is your answer while booking a stay in North Goa. They are clean, spacious, well maintained, and cheap for a group. We booked Artsy Luxury Penthouse in Candolim for two nights.

Where to Eat?

A portion of good mouth-watering food can keep the trip balanced, isn't it?

  1. While traveling from South Goa to North, you can visit Fountainhas. The narrow lanes with colorful Portuguese villas on both sides are worth visiting. And there, you'll find a lot of small cozy cafes.

  2. Artjuna Café is another place you should not miss!! It is a perfect relaxing spot to enjoy the vibe as well as the food. I liked everything I ordered.

Fun activities in Goa

Although everything that you'll do in Goa will be fun, after all, it is 'the' dream destination. But, there are some water-sport activities that might enjoy as well. You can explore Parasailing, Jet-skiing, Kayaking, and a lot more. But you should mind that the duration of these activities is very little, ranging from 1-5 minutes. Goa also offers Scuba diving, you may wanna check out that too!!

Get your hair braided, pictures come out quite colorful.

A lot of people wait for their Goa trip to get themselves tattooed for obvious reasons. Tattoo artists are quite professional here.

A word of Caution

  1. Carry cash on beaches!! Online payment is not generally accepted for water-sport activities.

  2. Transport was a major turn-off for me on the entire trip. If possible, plan it well in your head.

  3. Seafood is quite common in the entire belt. Check before you eat!!

Happy Tripping!!



Read all about my experience of the Goa trip here. Don't forget to check out all the photos from my travel on SNAPSHOTS.


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