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it's okay to NOT be Okay!!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Image credits: Massimiliano Sarno

Dear Reader,

Does this ever happen to you that while talking to yourself you constantly had to remind that you're alright? And then, feed your brain with strong words and tame your thoughts? Thoughts that are a constant reminder of your portrayal in the minds of others, sometimes even yourself. So, how do you overcome this? Experiences scar our minds to an extent where we stop trying things at all, be it anything.

I stopped loving myself!!

And many do.

This piece is my answer to the question. I have written it in reference to she/her but is for all.

Turn around baby girl!

Walk slow, you are chasing too fast.

Catch a breath, little girl!

Sink in the memories you are walking past.

I know you feel naked, girl

They have seen you scared and are attacking at once

Hold on to it, brave girl

For you could be the reason for some but not all.

They'll call you bold, they'll call you arrogant

Sometimes damaged, easy, cunt and lament

Words mere words, and yet you bleed

You let them cut you, beyond to heal

And yet.

And yet, you fought with sword of grief

Running all alone, in the dreams so brief

I have seen you tumbling, I have seen you crying

I have seen your fears while wearing that smile.

I was waiting for a girl, and you walked in as a woman

And turn the lights on, now it all feels like heaven

What did you find while running? I wanna know it too!!

'Acceptance' replied You.




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