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The Sunken Eyes

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The Sunken Eyes

Dear reader,

There are times when we see ourselves doing splendid, managing well and consider the lines to be in our favour. But sometimes we don't!! Infact, most of the times we don't!!

Nothing turns out to be right and we walk up in the mirror, when no one is around, and question ourselves, when will this all be over? Sometimes, we just want that phase, that particular phase to just not exist so that we can feel ourselves again. Be with the same person again.

Neverthless, the one word that has always worked for me is Believe. Just believe in yourself and no one else. Make yourself stronger like a Kraken, if it takes!!

I wrote this little piece a while ago and would love to share with you all!!

The Sunken Eyes

When you look with your dark brown eyes

They set a gaze of questionnaire upon me

I feel intimidated, lost wanderer roaming in the sea

I try to row faster, but for what? Another roaring sea?

I gather the courage to swim the deepest one

Knowing I would barely survive the waves of memories

I have seen those brown turn golden in the sun

But does that change anything for me

Is it fair to be strong and weak at the same time?

To become the puppet of achievements and glories

Tired of the search, I surrender at your feet

But every time I walk in the mirror, they are still staring at me!!




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